Writing analytically 5 analytical moves like jagger

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Writing analytically 5 analytical moves like jagger

Abstract This Article aims to give the relational theory of contract new life, sharpening some of its claims against its competitors by refracting its theory of relational contracts through an analogy to friendship.

This new model is more honest to relational contract theory and to marriage—and helps relational contract theory produce some new insights, support old ones, and revise some of its normative agenda. Introduction It is likely true that marriages are types of contracts.

But contracts are not generally like marriages. Friendships are also, in part, types of contracts. Yet many contracts are also like friendships.


At the least, it is more illuminating to think of contracts as friendships than as marriages. This Article largely addresses the work of those relational contract theorists who are essentially legal scholars, not theorists of relational contracting in economics, organizational theory, history, and sociology, though some aspects of these approaches do inform several of my arguments here.

For some examples of the work in this latter group, see Naomi R. Thanks to Bob Scott for some guidance in this literature.

Reflections on the Relational Model, 27 Oxford J. Franchising and the Law of Incomplete Contracts, 42 Stan. A Preliminary Study, 28 Am.

More modestly, perhaps, they suggest that marriage is a good analogy for relational contracting.

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Even those sympathetic to the law and economics movement have suggested the equivalence between relational contracts and marriages. Indeed, some have even examined the equivalence between marriages and relational contracts to determine what the content of marital law ought to be.

Scott, Marriage as Relational Contract, 84 Va. In reality, as relationalists have demonstrated since the s, contracts involve thicker relationships than those among strangers. Indeed, we cannot understand the social or legal practice of contracting as a practice among strangers; this insight alone has dramatic implications for our entire market economy and our effort to regulate it through contract law and otherwise.

This Article makes an effort to replace the marriage analogy in relational contract thinking with a story that ties contracts and friendships closer together.

Part I is a brief overview of relational contract theory as it is conceptualized by contracts scholars in law schools. Part II highlights how friendships are very much like relational contracts and how friendship can be illuminated by exposing its morphological similarity to relational contracts.

Part III argues that friendship rather than marriage should be viewed as the paradigmatic relational contract. And Part IV explores some of the legal and theoretical ramifications for contract law and theory in light of the view that friendships are types of relational contracts and relational contracts are types of friendships.The total segregationists were those like Wybergh (writing in The State) or monstermanfilm.com, who captured control of the Transvaal Native Affairs Society.

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writing analytically 5 analytical moves like jagger

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graphic organizers to keep track of important ideas and responses to them, especially analytical moves, like making comparisons/contrasts or seeing reasons/results. Use text structures that authors often use to organize writing in order to prompt comprehension.

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