What characteristics of the audience must you consider

What do they do for fun? What is their lifestyle? Where do they hangout when not at work?

What characteristics of the audience must you consider

Knowing that most of your potential customers are men or single or older might not tell you the characteristic they have that most influences their buying behavior.

Gender A key characteristic of your customer base might be its gender, but this might also be misleading. It might be that your target customer is not simply a female, but a mother, requiring that you create a completely different position or brand.

Age The World War II generation has long since retired, with thousands of baby boomers joining them every day. Generation X is now fulfilling leadership roles in society baby boomers held for decades, while millenials are replacing boomers in the workforce.

What characteristics of the audience must you consider

If it sounds confusing, this is a signal that you need to begin understanding the differences in needs and requirements of these generations to maximize your sales. If you try to sell a product or service to both baby boomers and millenials, you might turn off your younger buyers who might see your company as old or unhip.

Married women, for example, tend to buy more items for their husbands than vice versa.

Cultural Demographics

If you make products for men, consider whether they have a spouse, or even significant other, purchasing for them. If you sell to children, determine whether the mother or father is most likely to make the buying decision and what benefits that parent wants.

Income Level Knowing the income levels of your customers tells you not only what they can afford, but whether or not status is a factor or if perceived pricing will work. Setting your price above your competition not only helps create bigger margins, but it also might entice more sales from affluent consumers who believe your product must be superior if you are charging more for it.A good lecture must be simple, smooth flowing,specific to the subject and relevant to the context ; and should be interactive enough to make it interesting to the audience.


When it comes to segmentation between audiences the unique characteristics of the B2B audience must be thought out.

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. What Are Some Audience Characteristics You Need To Consider. Audience Characteristics When preparing a presentation concerning sales data to a diverse group of managers, sales persons, and customers; attention to the differences and similarities of the group need to be considered.

The amount of technical information and understanding among the differing groups varies and this requires the. Identifying audience characteristics, Assessing their objectives and needs, Planning for subgroups within the audience.

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Conducting the Audience Analysis. Conduct either a formal -- based on surveys and questionnaires -- or an informal -- based on discussions -- analysis to create an audience profile.

Before you begin writing consider such. In your presentation or speech, you can also engage the audience and engage with the audience.

What characteristics of the audience must you consider

Engaging the audience means presenting information that is . Chapter 5. Analyzing Your Audience and Purpose © by Bedford/St. Martin's 1 Determine four important characteristics of.

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