The essential techniques in producing a good quality live show

Even when all the content, talent, cameras, lighting, and audio are worked out, live streaming event production is far from over. The workflow to get the signal from the camera to the viewing audience can make or break the production. But in this article I will review some of the best practices and tips to make sure your live event streams go off without a hitch.

The essential techniques in producing a good quality live show

Earlier in the week I shared 10 benefits of building Facebook Live into your strategy and yesterday shared 12 different types of Facebook Live videos that you might like to create.

Today I want to get practical and give you some tips on how to create the best Facebook Live Videos you can. I should also say that most of these tips come from the outline of a Facebook Live Video that I did last week where I talked about this very topic. On the next screen look for the Live Video icon a little person icon with halo like circles around their head.

On the next page you can enter a description for your video tips on this below. Prepare an Outline or Plan for Your Video OK — lets take a step back from going live and ponder a really important question.

What are you going to do on your video? I remember my first live video experience with Periscope. I hit the button that set the whole thing live by accident and then suddenly found myself LIVE with 4 people watching and no idea what I should talk about.

A couple of other things you might want to ponder before you go live: Promote Your Live Video Before You Start One of the big challenges with live video is getting enough people to watch it to make it an interactive experience and to make it worthwhile for you to put the work into preparing and doing it.

The way you do this will depend upon where you have a following already that you could leverage to get them to your Facebook page. People are not going to wait around too long for you.

Alternatively if you develop a bit of a rhythm of doing video at the same time every day or week then you might help to build some expectation in your followers of when to show up. My audience is pretty global but there is a large segment of ProBlogger readers in the US — so obviously when the bulk of the US is awake is a good time for me.

What I would suggest is using Facebook Page Insights to identify the peak times when your page followers are online and see how you go with doing videos at those times. These are Australian times so as you see the peak is pretty late for me so I try to time mine for late evenings to capitalise on the rise at about pm my time and it also means that the replay is fresh during the peak and then if I hit it around 9am my time I get the tail end of the peak time.

Those of you lucky enough to be living in the zone of your audience — I envy you! In fact you can have it going live onto multiple pages and groups. This is really important as people will make a decision on whether to watch based upon it.

You can change this description later after the video has finished to make it more appropriate for those watching the replay so tailor it to attract live viewers. I often make my description incorporate the word LIVE for this reason and then try to find a benefit for viewers to draw them into watching.

You can speed this up by promoting it as mentioned above but other than that the only people who will find your live video will be those who happen to be on Facebook at that very moment scrolling through their newsfeed.

This means you might be talking to yourself a little for the first few minutes which can feel awkward.

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As a result I think it can be worth coming to the video with something that you could talk about for those first few minutes before you begin what it is that you want to get into. Also in the first few minutes as you see people joining you should reach out and ask them to say hi to you.

Ask people to share where they are in the world or something else that is relevant to your topic. The common consensus was that people liked to go for at least 20 minutes.

The main reason given was that it took time to get people watching as I just spoke about but also that the longer your video goes on the more interaction you get.The “Four P’s” is a term used to describe the traditional Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion.

I’m borrowing from that expression to talk about the Four P’s of Playing Live Shows: Preparation, Promotion, Performance, and series of blog posts will cover the things that you can be doing as a live performer to maximize each show.

The essential techniques in producing a good quality live show

This blog aims to help you avoid this by providing 7 essential tips for businesses to stream live video. These tips will help you stream high-quality live video, more successfully, with fewer problems and mistakes.

Regardless whether you are just starting out or are a veteran, these tips will help you improve your live streaming! So without further ado, . On the other side of the spectrum from the consumer approach is the broadcast quality, enterprise level show.

These types of live-streams resemble programming like the Academy Awards. In this video, John Dudley discusses what is needed to pull off an enterprise-level, broadcast quality live-stream.

The key to a long and productive life is found in 10 essential attitudes: Keep Learning. When we cease to learn, we stop growing, because a lazy brain is an aging brain. So much has changed over the course of the years.

As technology advances, we must continually learn skills our parents and.

The essential techniques in producing a good quality live show

Feb 08,  · Without them, leaders cannot live up to their full potential. As a result, their employees will never perform as well as they can either.

Because of this, organizations must learn the best ways to identify and also to develop these necessary traits in existing and emerging leaders. Shooting with the lighting for the tour (rather than flash) is probably the best way to capture the color and vibe of your husband’s band’s live show.

In terms of lenses, I generally recommend f/ zooms.

7 Tips for Businesses to Stream Live Video