The comparison and the contribution to the box office

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The comparison and the contribution to the box office

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Will Wynne, Managing Director Market Research We spent over a year researching, designing, building and then testing the Smart Pension auto enrolment platform to make it as good as we possibly could and to ensure it was what the market wanted.

Before we designed or built anything, we researched in detail the competitive landscape and the options available to UK SMEs. The results, bar a few exceptions, were uninspiring: Very few used any of the recent advances in the web and technology to simplify the process of auto enrolment or to keep costs down for SMEs.

How Our Platform Works Explained In Under 90 Seconds Platform Design In designing our platform, we have aimed to identify the problems and costs inherent in the old paper-based approach and then used technology or lateral thinking to solve these problems, stripping out time, complexity and cost in the process, for the benefit of our customers.

We also surveyed over SMEs asking what features they would most like to see in their ideal auto enrolment platform. The attributes that they most desired were the ability to get signed up in one sitting, online, at zero up front or ongoing cost, on a secure platform, with a good investor track record click to see.

SME owners overwhelmingly just wanted the job done with minimal fuss a trend that Steve Webb, former Minister of State for Pensions, also called out in a speech on the future of pensions - "The feedback we're getting from the smallest firms is, just tell us what to do.

I don't want choices, I don't want menus, I don't want, you know, just tell me how I stay out of jail". No one else offers anything close. Welcome to Smart Pension.

Free Smart Pension - Detailed Platform Feature Information Click to see more detail on the features that make our platform faster and more secure than any other: As mentioned above, we use Duedil and Signable along with several other technology partners to ensure your company can be signed up in seconds, with full peace of mind that it has been done to the very highest level of legal compliance and with the correct company information.

We run numerous little checks on the data that you are giving us as you sign up to ensure you can sign up without any errors.

We offer three tiers of management to allow controlled delegation of tasks, without relinquishing excessive levels of control to more junior employees.

Admin rights can be added, amended or revoked in a click or two and instantly applied. Should you wish to, you can use our system to quickly create different employee groups eg.

Or you can just ignore this section and we will set up your pension so that all your qualifying employees receive the legal minimum required contributions from your company. Our workforce template and intelligent upload make loading staff in bulk into our system and any employee groups you have set up easy.

We allow you to validate your bank account and set up your bank account in seconds. Our system automatically analyses submitted identification documents and checks company and director identities using state of the art anti-money laundering programs. Our system not only allows you to automatically generate including your company name and logo employee education documents before your "staging date" but also to generate and manage your post automatic enrolment document flow for employees including your company name and logo With us, you needn't miss anything.

The comparison and the contribution to the box office

Our system allows you to add and remove employees with a few clicks. We then automatically generate all the paperwork that you must by law provide to your employees. We allow you to upload your payroll to be assessed in your Smart Pension account, alternatively you can upload payroll from your payroll software that has been pre-assessed and the relevant pension contributions calculated.

Click here to find out more. We remember previous payroll runs so it's easy for you to just update with employees' latest pay or bulk upload a sheet and complete your pay run and pension duties in minutes. Once you've approved a pay run, payments are automatically taken a few days later by direct debit, at no cost to you, saving you valuable time and letting you focus on running your business.Dec 13,  · Best Answer: 1: Hype.

A film that has received a lot of hype will do very well.

The comparison and the contribution to the box office

For example The Dark Knight. People were looking forward to that film for years and there was a ridiculous amount of hype surrounding Resolved. Based on the reboot's mediocre debut, at least in comparison to its net production budget of $ million and hefty marketing spend, box-office analysts believe Ghostbusters will earn $ million.

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The winner: football. Another weekend of hot temperatures plus an England World Cup quarter final on a Saturday – typically cinema’s busiest day – combined to lay waste to the UK box office. Netflix, Theatrical Exclusivity, Box Office Profits, and the Cultural Conversation November 16, No Comments John Fithian By John Fithian, President & CEO, National Association of .

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