Short essay on bombay stock exchange

They can provide efficient service to their clients. The system will assure best price to participants in the market. Settlement will be quick and efficient. Increased efficiency of trading and resultant higher liquidity will allow greater flexibility in money management.

Short essay on bombay stock exchange

What is Stock Exchange?

Bombay Stock Exchange - Free Finance Essay - Essay UK

Stock Exchange is an organized market for the purchase and sale of industrial and financial security. It is convenient place where trading in securities is conducted in systematic manner i. It performs various functions and offers useful services to investors and borrowing companies.

It is an investment intermediary and facilitates economic and industrial development of a country.

Short essay on bombay stock exchange

Here, securities are purchased and sold out as per certain well-defined rules and regulations. It provides a convenient and secured mechanism or platform for transactions in different securities. Such securities include shares and debentures issued by public companies which are duly listed at the stock exchange, and bonds and debentures issued by government, public corporations and municipal and port trust bodies.

Stock exchanges are indispensable for the smooth and orderly functioning of corporate sector in a free market economy. A stock exchange need not be treated as a place for speculation or a gambling den.

It should act as a place for safe and profitable investment, for this, effective control on the working of stock exchange is necessary. This will avoid misuse of this platform for excessive speculation, scams and other undesirable and anti-social activities. London stock exchange LSE is the oldest stock exchange in the world.

Similar Stock exchanges exist and operate in large majority of countries of the world. Definitions of Stock Exchange According to Husband and Dockerary, "Stock exchanges are privately organized markets which are used to facilitate trading in securities.

Stock exchange is a market, where securities of corporate bodies, government and semi-government bodies are bought and sold. Deals in second hand securities: It deals with shares, debentures bonds and such securities already issued by the companies.

In short it deals with existing or second hand securities and hence it is called secondary market.

Trading Mechanism

Regulates trade in securities: Stock exchange does not buy or sell any securities on its own account. It merely provides the necessary infrastructure and facilities for trade in securities to its members and brokers who trade in securities. It regulates the trade activities so as to ensure free and fair trade Allows dealings only in listed securities: In fact, stock exchanges maintain an official list of securities that could be purchased and sold on its floor.

Securities which do not figure in the official list of stock exchange are called unlisted securities. Such unlisted securities cannot be traded in the stock exchange. Transactions effected only through members: All the transactions in securities at the stock exchange are effected only through its authorised brokers and members.Related Documents: Africa: Stock Exchange and Capital Markets Essay Capital Market Essay FINANCIAL MARKETS • Financial Markets- organisations and institutions which lend funds to business enterprises and public authorities.

-composed of two constituents: • the money market-deals with provision of short-term credit. • the capital market. Bombay Stock Exchange.

Indian stock market is one of the oldest in Asia. Its history dates back to nearly years ago. The earliest record of security dealings in India is meager.

Established in , BSE (formerly known as Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.), is Asia's first & the Fastest Stock Exchange in world with the speed of 6 micro seconds and one of India's leading exchange . BSE – SENSEX is the short form of the BSE – Sensitive Index.

Study On The Objectives Of The Bse Sensex Finance Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The day-to-day maintenance of the Sensex is done by the Bombay Stock Exchange and special care is taken to include only those scrips, which pass through several filters.

The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited is the oldest stock exchange in Asia and was the first stock exchange to be recognized by the Indian government, in Today, the BSE is professionally managed under the overall direction of the board of directors, which formulates larger policy issues and exercises overall control.

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