Raj kapoor underwriting agencies limited credit

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Raj kapoor underwriting agencies limited credit

Business Economics Semester — I 1. Semester — II Market Structure: Short-run and long-run equilibrium of a firm and Industry under perfect competition - Sources of monopoly - Short?

Concept of market failure and inefficiency Productive and allocative inefficiency using PPC - Causes of market failure Public goods, Market power, ExternalitiesInformation asymmetry and Equity - Government intervention and market efficiency - Case studies Capital Budgeting: Meaning and Importance - Investment Criteria: List of books for reference: Douglas Bernheim and Michael D.

raj kapoor underwriting agencies limited credit

Whinston, Microeconomics, Tata McGraw? Chrystal, Economics, Oxford Univ. Principles and Applications, Cengage Learning, Rubinfeld, Microeconomics, Pearson Education, Walsh, Principles of Economics, W.

Theory and Applications, Oxford Univ. A Modern Approach, W. Ahuja, Business Economics, Definition, scope and importance of environmental studies, Interdisciplinary nature, Natural Living - Non-Living only and Anthropogenic components of environment.

Energy cycles - bio-geochemical cycles - water carbon and nitrogen - role and importance. Bio-diversity-meaning - bio-geo graphical classification of India.

Unit - 2 - Natural Resources: Introduction, meaning, importance, classification of Natural resources. Global distribution conflict over water, big dams-benefits and problems - National water policy 3. Forest Resources - Global distribution - Causes of degradation, Methods of conservation - Forest policy of India case study.

Energy Resources - Classification - Global distribution - Global pattern of energy consumption and its effect - 6. Energy crisis - Alternative energy resources - Energy policy of India case study.

Any one policy be covered from b, c and d. Unit - 3 - Food and environment: Sources and production of food in India and World 2. Pattern of food trade 3. Food security and global pattern of poverty in India and World 4. Agricultural policy of India Unit - 4 - Population and Environment: Man environment relationship - changing patterns 2.

Growth and world pattern of distribution of population 3. Environment and human health 5. Contemporary world pattern of manufacturing and services in developed and developing countries. Definition, Nature and concept of tourism, New tourism, tourism as an invisible trade.

Tourism potential in Konkan region case study. Man-made disaster-Types, causes, patterns of distribution, Consequences and Mitigation for nuclear accidents 4. Unit - 7 - Global and Local Environmental issues: Environmental problems - Causes and Effects.

Global issues - Depletion of Ozone layer, Green House effect and global climate changes, 3. Regional issues - Acid rain, Desertification. Unit - 8 - Environmental Management:The John N. Kapoor Trust dated 9/20/89 (the “Kapoor Trust”), the beneficiary and sole trustee of which is Dr.

Kapoor, is a principal shareholder of each of these companies. Site Archive for Friday, 20 Dec Avenue Income Credit of Class Action Against Its Board of Directors in Connection With the Sale of the Company to Avago Technologies Limited.

The credit units attached to each course has been further defined in terms of contact hours i.e. lecture Hours (L), Tutorial Hours (T), Practical Hours (P). Towards earning credits in terms of contact hours, 1 Lecture and 1 Tutorial per week are rated as 1 credit each and 2 Practical hours per week are rated as 1 credit.

Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited (ECGC) It is a company wholly owned by the Government of India. It provides export credit insurance support to Indian exporters and is controlled by the Ministry of Commerce.

The John N. Kapoor Trust dated 9/20/89 (the “Kapoor Trust”), the beneficiary and sole trustee of which is Dr. Kapoor, is a principal shareholder of each of these companies.

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