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Nursing Informatics interview questions. The implementation of a computer application in any of these settings goes through different standard phases. A project begins with the design and analysis phase, it moves to the configuring phase, then testing phase, training, implementation and support phase. During each of these specific phases, a nursing informatics analyst will perform specific tasks and can also serve as a liaison between different departments within a healtcare facility to complete a project.

Nursing infomatics

Tips from a professional in the field The reality about nursing informatics salaries The popular questions people have about nursing informatics are: Take a look at my informatics salaries across the country post to get a more realistic idea of what type of salary to expect.

The HIMSS blog recently published a nursing informatics salary survey, and according to the survey, salaries in the field are on the rise: My next logical question is: Shockingly, the survey goes on to say: Nine percent work in an academic setting and five percent work for a consulting firm or a vendor.

More like 70k 48 percent reported that they work for a hospital? When I speak to recruiters, most hospital jobs for an experienced analyst seem to start in the 70k range and sometimes even lower.

I have even seen jobs starting in the mid 50k range, and no, these jobs were not out in rural areas, but in some decent sized towns. As a matter of fact, out of curiosity, I went to a job board and typed in the hottest commodity in the market right now: Real Life Snapshots On the first page, there were about 5 job listings within the same salary range.

I took a screenshot of two that listed the salary just to show what pattern I noticed in the past and continue to notice nowadays: Also, notice how the job listing requires experienced candidates and one top salary appears to be 75k. Who did they interview for this survey? This is not to say that there are no jobs out there in that salary range, but in the hospital these high paying jobs are hard to find.

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Hospitals Also, another main question I get is, do vendors like Cerner, Meditech, or Epic pay better salaries than hospitals? And my answer to that is always, that depends on your negotiating skills.

Vendors could actually pay higher than hospitals, but most entry level candidates are so happy to get a job offer from any of these vendors, that they settle for the salary being offered by the vendor.

Nursing infomatics

Just a quick example, a close friend of mine who is also a nurse applied for a job with a vendor. She had zero experience implementing the system or using the system, and her job offer came at 55k.

I personally believe she could have negotiated a better salary but she was afraid of negotiating and just took the job.

But like any other employer, vendors will try to get away with the lowest salary they can possibly offer you, unless you negotiate with them.

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Other topics you might be interested in:The salary of a nursing informatics specialist will vary based on a number of factors such as physical location, education, the type of healthcare facility and the exact scope of the job.

As this is an emerging field, the U.S. Department of Labor has not yet published salary data for this profession. A discussion of nursing informatics salaries and a nurse informatics salary across different states in the USA.

Nursing Informatics salary chart.

Nursing infomatics

Nursing informatics is a field of nursing that incorporates nursing, computer, and information sciences to maintain and develop medical data and systems to support the practice of nursing, and to improve patient care outcomes.

Biography Naonori Ueda received the B.S., M.S., and Ph D degrees in Communication Engineering from Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, in , , and , respectively. Epic Systems is one of the most popular electronic health records (EHR) systems for large hospitals, according to a recently published report from research firm , Epic scored the most new hospital contracts for the fifth year in a row.

Unfortunately programs that offer an informatics program require the candidate to have a bachelors degree in nursing because the informatics program is usually a master’s program and any masters requires a bachelors degree, which translates to having your RN, BSN.

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