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Marathi site for essay

Essay on Marathi Language Words Article shared by: Essay on Marathi Language! The Maharashtri Apabhramsa developed into Marathi language quite early, but its literature emerged in the latter half of the 13th century.

Marathi literature actually started with religious writings by saint-poets belonging to Mahanubhava and Warkari sects. Mahanubhava saints used prose as their main medium, while Warkari saints preferred poetry as the medium. The early saint-poets were Mukundaraj who wrote Vivekasindhu, Dnyaneshwar who wrote Amrutanubhav and Bhawarthadeepika, which is popularly known as Dnyaneshwari, a couplet-long commentary on the Bhagavad Gita, and Namdev.

A noted Warkari saint-poet was Eknath Mukteswar translated the great epic Mahabharata into Marathi. Social reformers like saint-poet Tukaram transformed Marathi into an enriched literary language.

In the 17th century a significant contribution was made by Christian missionaries to enrich Marathi literature.

The Kristapurana of Father Thomas Stephens is a noteworthy example. However, the most versatile and voluminous writer among the poets was Moropanta whose Mahabharata was the first epic poem in Marathi.

The historical section of the old Marathi literature was unique as it contained both prose the bakhars written after the foundation of the Maratha kingdom by Shivaji and poetry the povadas, ballads of valour and warfare, and the katavas composed by the Shahirs.

The secular poetry of this period found expression in the povadas and Lavanis—romantic and erotic poetry.

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The nineteenth century saw modernity enter Marathi literature. Inthe first English book was translated into Marathi. In was started the first Marathi newspaper. A revolution in poetry was brought about by K. Damle alias Keshavasut who created new norms in the poetry of love, nature, social consciousness and neo-mysticism.


Bya group of poets called Ravi Kiran Mandal created new patterns of content and prosody. The first Marathi grammar and the first dictionary appeared in Bal Gangadhar Shastri Jamblekar who started the daily Darpan and the periodical Digdarshana and Bhan Mahajan who founded Prabhakara were pioneers in new prose.

Several of the nationalist leaders did invaluable service to the language with their writings—Jyothiba Phule, Gopal Agarkar, N. Savarkar and, of course, Bal Gangadhar Tilak.Spring season essay in marathi.

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Marathi site for essay

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