How to write a fantasy novel ehow

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How to write a fantasy novel ehow

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Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Read young adult books, and look through teenage magazines. Go to the library or bookstore and see what books are popular now, and analyze them to see what teens are looking for in a novel.

This will help you to decide which plots and themes have been overwritten and give you insight as to current issues. Young adult books are typically marketed for ages 12 to 18, though many younger and older readers also enjoy them.

Older YA readers can handle, and prefer, the main character tackling edgier subjects with much introspection and big questions, while younger readers prefer main characters watching their friends or family go through these big issues.

YA novel genres take on subjects such as general fiction, fantasy, science fiction, animals, school, families and mystery, and non-fiction and memoirs. Keep a journal or a notebook close by to jot down any interesting thoughts.

Remember times from your own teenage years or ask friends to recall their most awkward moments. Characters in a YA story tend to experience life in a dramatic way and grow psychologically throughout the story.

Write 1 Start writing. The beginning of any book is difficult to write but extremely important. Teenagers often stand in a bookstore or library and read the first few pages of a book to decide whether to continue. The beginning should introduce the characters and start talking about the plot or theme of the story.

Don’t reproduce fantasy series tropes without your own stamp

The body of the story focuses on the challenges the characters face and the choices they make. A typical young adult novel is between 40, and 75, words long. The middle of the story is where the bulk of your character's experiences happen, where he begins to question his role in life or she struggles with the importance of relationships.

Often a tragedy has taken place in the beginning and the character is left to deal with the aftermath.

how to write a fantasy novel ehow

All of the things the characters have been struggling with finally come to a critical point and one decision can change everything. The climax generally happens right before the ending-everything that has happened in the beginning and middle leads up to this moment of truth and resolution.

Be careful not to drag the story out too far after the climax. YA novels don't always end with happiness, but most hidden themes require some sort of resolution or understanding. Characters will find their way and feel as though they have become a part of their world.

how to write a fantasy novel ehow

Lessons aren't as necessary as a sort of psychological and emotional transformation.Romance as a strong element in fantasy or science fiction should come out of the story organically.

That is, characters who are strong, good, and deeply committed to a cause will be naturally attracted to someone of the opposite sex who is equally strong, good, and committed.

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Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. But after 12 bestselling novels, I’ve nailed down my process, so I hope this overview helps you on your way to finishing your novel. The writing craft is like an iceberg, with hidden depths that you can spend the whole of your life exploring.

When you’re writing your first novel, it can be overwhelming to try and learn everything at once. Whether you're an aspiring movie critic who wants to break into print or you're assigned to write an essay for your film appreciation class, understanding some of the elements inherent in this medium is as important as being able to articulate what you liked and did not like about a specific movie's content.

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55 Fiction is a relatively new type of fiction that requires the writer to write a short story in 55 words or less. This is a very good writing exercise for people who want to write, but don't have.

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