Benedictine university application essay

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Benedictine university application essay


Truman's main campus is situated around a slightly wooded quadranglealso known as the "Quad. The oldest building is not Kirk Building, but is instead the purple doored Physical Plant building located between the Health Services building and Magruder Hall.

Pickler Memorial Library was named after Samuel M.


Pickler, who donated funds to rebuild the library after it was destroyed by fire in Renovated init now houses the main computer labas well as approximatelyvolumes of various works. The front lobby area of Pickler Memorial Library is known as "the Bubble" for its curved glass atrium.

The structure is dedicated to John Kirk, the fifth president of the university. It formerly housed Truman's debate team and now houses a few administrative offices. The Kirk Auditorium, now known as "Kirk Building," was once the University's combined gymnasium and auditorium facility.

The Rec is located just north of Centennial Residence Hall and is open everyday except on holidays. It also offers a gymnasium for a variety sports, a weight room, an elevated track, various exercise equipment, and a smaller, multipurpose gym for hockey, indoor soccer, etc. There are seven main academic buildings.

Magruder Hall is the science building and houses the departments of Chemistry, physics, Biology and Agriculture. McClain Hall serves as both an administrative and academic building. Baldwin Hall is connected to McClain Hall and houses the campus auditorium that is best known for hosting cultural events through the Kohlenberg-Lyceum Series.

Violette Hall, named after former history professor E. Services available on campus to students include the student health center, career center, and writing center. The health center is closed on the weekends and holidays.

The career center is located on the third floor of the Student Union Building and provides help to students in determining a career path, selecting a major, developing career skills, helping put together a resume, or even conducting mock interviews.

The writing center is located on the third floor of McClain and offers critique and editing for student papers. Academics[ edit ] The student-to-teacher ratio is The combined ability score is calculated by adding the percentage of students in the applicant's graduating class that the applicant outranks and the percentage of students the applicant outscored on a nationally standardized test usually the ACTalthough the SAT is also accepted.

Admissions decisions are also based, however, on a mandatory application essay, the applicant's resume, and the applicant's high school and extracurricular record.

Benedictine university application essay

The average GPA of an admitted student is 3. The Liberal Studies program[ edit ] On July 20,the state of Missouri charged Truman State University with serving as the state's premier public liberal arts and sciences university.

In order to meet this commitment to the people of Missouri, the Truman faculty and administration created the Liberal Studies Program, the general education curriculum undergraduates complete in order to receive a Truman degree.

The Liberal Studies Program consists of three distinct areas: Essential Skills for success in liberal studies, including courses in writing as critical thinking, public speaking, elementary functions, statistics, computer literacy and personal well-being.

Modes of Inquiry by which students may approach problems and issues in other academic areas.

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The eight modes in the Modes of Inquiry have been separated into two separate areas Qualitative and Quantitative, each representing four academic areas.

Students must complete coursework in three of the four academic areas in each category: Interconnecting Perspectives that allow students to understand and appreciate better the knowledge they have gained. This includes taking a series of writing-enhanced courses, an interdisciplinary seminar course in the junior year, at least two semesters of a foreign language, and participating in an intercultural experience this can be fulfilled through any one of a series of courses or by going on any study abroad trip.Academic Factors The Admissions Department Considers.

Benedictine University offers an open admission policy and accepts all or most applicants who have a high school diploma or a GED. Benedictine is an above-average private, Catholic university located in Lisle, Illinois in the Chicago Area.

It is a small institution with an enrollment of 2, undergraduate students. Franciscan Steubenville is an above-average private, Catholic university located in Steubenville, Ohio. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 1, undergraduate students.

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Benedictine College Admission Requirements

The Admission Office welcomes prospective students to visit our beautiful campus and learn more about our solid academic programs and supportive, friendly community. The office will guide students through all aspects of the application process. College Advising Guide for Undocumented Students > Benedictine University.

Updated: November Does your college knowingly admit undocumented students? Yes. Would you advise the disclosure of their status in the application process through their essay or counselor recommendation?

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