An attack on higher education essay

Attacks on higher education occur when states, opposition groups and other non-state actors view higher education institutions, professors and students as threats to their authority or as a means of gaining influence. When they are unable to control the sector, they often resort to intimidation, coercion and overt violence to block education, silence dissent and eliminate perceived opponents. Whether directed at whole institutions or individuals, such attacks can have chilling effects on the research, teaching and social functions of higher education, and may serve to warn of spreading repression and risks of open conflict. Common attacks on higher education include:

An attack on higher education essay

Here we go again.

An attack on higher education essay

The recent news that the Trump administration may use the U. When a simple idea clashes with one that is complicated and nuanced, often the truth loses out.

Easy enough as a sound bite. After all, who wants to argue for unequal or discriminatory treatment of college applicants? The truth, however, is far more complicated and complex.

In fact, when we fail to account for the differential experiences and varied contributions of applicants, we create a college environment that limits opportunity and impoverishes the learning environment for all students. The truth -- borne out by decades of research and campus experiences -- is that having a racially and ethnically diverse student body is a critical component of an excellent education that prepares students for the complex and diverse world they will face after graduation.

In recent years, the U. Supreme Court has twice held that a public university has a compelling interest of the highest order in achieving diversity on campus.

Here's what we learned in the course of working at the University of Michigan on the landmark Gratz v. Bollinger and Grutter v. Bollinger cases, later affirmed in the Fisher vs. University of Texas at Austin decision as well: While affirmative action opponents are fond of reducing the debate to racial identity, universities define diversity quite broadly in practice and look across the range of human experience, talent and identity to compose an incoming class.

Students learn from the perspectives of others -- especially when those perspectives run counter to common stereotypes.

They discover how to work within a cross-cultural team, grapple with difficult conversations and re-examine their own assumptions. At a campus that is truly working hard on diversity in the student experience, students gain a powerful set of skills they cannot get anywhere else, which better prepares them to be successful in a global marketplace.

University of Michigan political scientist and economist Scott E.

An attack on higher education essay

Page has demonstrated empirically the ways in which diverse teams are better at solving problems. The leaders of large, complex organizations understand this, and they are clamoring for campuses to create dynamic and diverse learning environments.

Protecting Higher Education from Attack | Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack

Those leaders argued persuasively that the strength of our military and the competitiveness of our business sector require employees who have experienced diversity on campuses and acquired the essential skills they need to operate in the world.

As Justice Lewis F. Powell observed in the case Regents of the University of California v. If fairness is the baseline, consider this. Applicants from certain minority groups often do not come to the admissions competition on equal footing.

Some minority students, though demonstrating great promise, have not had access to the level of academic preparation and economic opportunity that their majority counterparts have had.

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They come in disproportionate numbers from poor and struggling schools, putting them at a marked disadvantage when they take standardized tests or try to navigate the admissions process.

That may be true of students from rural schools as well, who also are beneficiaries of affirmative action in the college admissions process. Yet the students from such backgrounds who are admitted to top universities have excelled and shown signs of academic promise despite such obstacles, which illuminates their future potential.

Given this picture, the inclusion of race as one of the many factors considered by universities allows them to look more deeply and holistically at all of the attributes that students might bring to campus. While universities do try to admit students from socioeconomic disadvantage, there are many more poor white students than minorities.

Because minorities are minorities within every socioeconomic group, an approach based on class cannot, by itself, produce a racially and ethnically diverse student body.

Additionally, when we study the effects in states that have outlawed affirmative action, we find that, whatever the rhetoric, in reality the actual enrollment of minority students drops.

The truth is, there is no effective proxy for the consideration of race and ethnicity in admissions. We recognize that the arguments in support of affirmative action are complicated.Tips on how to Process a Sexism Essay or Erotic Attack on Higher education Campuses Essay.

Creative Problem Solving noviembre 14, exactly What may encourage a person to make for online project help services? noviembre 16, Portions of this essay will be published in A Nation at Risk—American Higher Education in the 21st Century, a sequel, focused on higher education, to A Nation at Risk published in that focused on K education.

Gates, Bill “My Take on Technology & Teaching” Gates Notes (March 1, ). Student Loan Hero, Debt Statistics.

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Higher education has proved that it has a monetary value, as the salary of a person with a college education is higher than that of a person with a high school education.

Some people have sold the idea that a higher education is a waste of time and money, and that such education should only be offered to a limited group of people. The Impact 9/11 Had on Higher Education.

Sep 12, The terrorist attacks of 9/11 left a lasting impact on the lives of Americans and influenced teachings at higher education . Protecting higher education from attack While there is a growing body of work investi-gating the scale, nature and impact of attacks For the purpose of this essay, an attack on higher education, as with attacks on other levels of education, is defined as any threat or deliberate use of force, carried out for political, military, ideological.

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