A look at the effects of the cuban revolution

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A look at the effects of the cuban revolution

Posted on October 2, by valedictoriannotes The Cuban Revolution dramatically changed Cuba in many different ways. While some believed the effects of the revolution were positive, others did not. After Fidel Castro overthrew the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, Castro began to reorganize many parts of Cuban society, including gender roles.

It gave them more rights, allowed them to participate in government, and get a job. Some people believed that women should have a larger role in society while others strongly oppose it.

There are many people who support the change in gender roles after the Cuban Revolution. Before the Cuban Revolution, women were treated as inferiors to men.

She would definitely support the increase in status of women because Navarro was a feminist and wrote about pre-revolutionary conditions to contrast the positive change Doc 1. She explains that the after the revolution, women began to go to work and get an education Doc 2.

She mentions that the Ana Betancourt School was created and thousands of women got to learn to read, to write, sewing skills, and information about health and hygiene Doc 2. These changes in gender roles impacted all the people of Cuba, including its young.

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Another point of view that would be good to take account in is that of a Cuban mother Doc 7. She says that the little things to help increase the role of women are helping, like the Family Code which guarantees the equal rights of women in their homes Doc 7.

Her daughters go to school which would not have been possible before the Revolution Doc 7. This shows that women in Cuba are taking advantage of the changes and making a life of their own by getting a job and education Doc 8.

Other statistics from the Communist Part of Cuba show that there is a large increase in female participation in government which means that the women of Cuba are embracing their new liberties Doc 9. Within the group of people who support the increased role of women in Cuba, some do recognize that there will be hardships in achieving equality between men and women.

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An example of this is Fidel Castro. His point of view could have a bias, but is also fair because he considers both sides Doc 5. She says that men do not share an equal burden between commitments at work and home compared to women Doc Espin recognizes that women have been successful in the labor force Doc She explains the hardships of having a baby and not having sufficient supplies to take care of her child Doc 6.

A look at the effects of the cuban revolution

He expects that his wife stay at home and looks after the house, her husband, and her children Doc 3. It would be helpful to also have different point of views, too. A good point of view to gather would be from a woman from the old generation PK.

A look at the effects of the cuban revolution

She probably lived a life serving either her father or her husband for her entire life PK. She would probably do housework or work of a servant if she were to get a job PK.

A woman from the old generation would take care of the children and of her husband when he got home from work PK.

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The old generation would actually be against it because it has been so heavily indoctrinated in them that doing housework and obeying their husbands was the way of life that they would be opposed to change PK. It gave them more rights, allowed them to participate in government, work, and many other things.The Cuban Revolution was an armed revolt that led to the overthrow of dictator Fulgencio Batista of Cuba on January 1, by the 26th of July Movement led by Fidel Castro.

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Nicaragua. Before proceeding to an analysis of the feasibility of socialism in Nicaragua, it is essential to quantify and understand the working-class of the country. In late , Castro rescinds the use of the American dollar in Cuba for future transactions, citing increased restrictions made by the Bush administration to limit money sent to Cuban families from American relatives.

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