3d laser scanner and reflectorless total station essay

Archaeology — Archaeology, or archeology, is the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture.

3d laser scanner and reflectorless total station essay

Copyright and TrademarksTrimble Navigation Limited. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Create a new job Exercise 2: Create and configure a project Changing the project properties Using Project Templates Selecting a template for a project Creating a template Exercise 6: Creating a device that uses Microsoft ActiveSync.

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Create and import a PacSoft file containing control points Exercise 9: What is a data dictionary? Creating the Feature Codes with Attributes Exercise Exporting a Feature and Attribute Library Exercise Viewing the Feature and Attribute Library in the controller Exercise Trimble Navigation Limited is committed to excellence in product training services.

The overall goal of this course is for you to learn how to use the Trimble Real-Time Kinematic Surveying RTK system so that you can perform your work tasks with confidence.

3d laser scanner and reflectorless total station essay

You will learn to carry out a Real-Time Kinematic surveying project, including: Performing field reconnaissance Planning a project Configuring the software 2 Real-Time Kinematic Surveying 17 Overview 1 Setting up equipment Recording, transferring, and processing data Exporting data in desired coordinate systems and formats Generating plans and reports Review questions Review questions in each section help you to evaluate your success in achieving the course objectives.

The training manual explains the fundamentals of GPS, provides classroom and field exercises, and includes a glossary of terms.

Trimble provides several solutions to your survey need: All Trimble total stations are Real-Time Kinematic Surveying 3 18 1 Overview rugged, weather resistant, and share common options and accessories.

They all use the same Trimble survey data format and supporting software. LEDs monitor the survey in progress and the available battery capacity. With the Trimble Survey Controller you can: Configure instrument settings and data collection methods to best suit your requirements.

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Collect features and attributes according to a feature and attribute library that you define in the Trimble Geomatics Office software or within the Trimble Survey Controller.

Calculate areas, offsets, and intersections to points, lines, or arcs. Stake out design or calculated features, including road templates and DTM. Communicate with other optical total station products.

Monitor the status of your RTK system. The collection of spatial information can be from a variety of sources, including GPS and terrestrial methods. Geomatics integrates traditional surveying with new technology-driven approaches, making geomatics useful for a vast number of applications.

3d laser scanner and reflectorless total station essay

It provides a seamless link between your fieldwork and design software. The software includes an extensive feature set which helps you to verify your fieldwork quickly, perform survey-related tasks easily, and export your data to a third-party design package.

Use Trimble Geomatics Office for a wide variety of tasks, including: Create data dictionaries or feature and attribute libraries. Import data from conventional total station products.Reflector-less total station measurements and their accuracy, precision and reliability: Development of a 3D CFD model to investigate the effect of the mixing quality on the CNG-diesel engine performance: Processing laser scanner plant data to extract structural information: Chapter 5 Total Station Operations Total Station Capabilities General Background Total stations can measure and record horizontal and vertical an.

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Example: 3D Detail Survey Calculations (by Adam Long and Bruce Harvey) A detail survey was carried out using a number of radiations from a total station set up on Station A to a target placed on an area of interest m Zenith Angle (ZA): 93°22’30” Calculate the coordinates of B .

A laser scanning machine can be considered as a high automation reflectorless total station; by means of a laser based measurement of distance and accurate angular movement, a target object is sampled in a regular mesh of 3D points.

Trimble R10 V10 Glonass Gps Rtk Base Or 3d Imaging Rover Survey Receiver Setup. Handheld Gem-2 - $18, High Definition Laser Scanner Leica Scanstation 2 High Speed Surveying Survey.

Spectra Precision - $6, Nikon Nivo 5.c Reflectorless Wireless Total Station Survey Pro Touch Screen. New Vivax - $4, Topcon GPTA 3" Robotic Total Station Reflectorless with FC + RC-3R.

auto-tracking Total Station 3 "(1mgon) with integrated radio module, reflectorless measurement up to 2,m!

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